Pier Coffee - Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Strong, clean, and beautiful.

Erin Williamson

Pier Coffee began in 2013 in Erin Williamson's basement laundry room. A longtime cafe owner, Erin became interested in cold brew when she realized even the most hardened caramel-vanilla-latte drinker could enjoy the unadorned beauty of coffee when it is cold brewed.

So, Erin stepped out from behind the coffee bar and started a cold brew company in her basement. At first, Pier Coffee only offered a weekly home delivery service, but soon it could be found in independent grocery stores and bottle shops, cafes and bars, and as an ingredient in some of Seattle's best craft beer and cider.

Soon, the Pier Coffee Brewery was built to small batch brew the finest organic cold brew available. Our beans are specifically sourced for their cold brewed properties and then blended to create a balanced, complex, and refreshing coffee that is strong, clean, and beautiful. Pier Coffee can be found in cans, kegs, and bottles of concentrate.

You can follow the world through her eyes on our Instagram here, read her favorite poem here, or write her with your cold brewing questions at: erin@piercoffee.com